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What's the deal with MP3 players?


Okay, I have to make a confession: for quite some time, I actually have been using a smartphone. I doubt it really counts, as it's degoogled, is permanently in flight mode, doesn't have a simcard and never ever goes online, but the fact is still there. It only ever serves as a podcast player. All because my previous MP3 player broke and... There is seemingly no replacement on the market! That player was kind of old and unpleasant to use, so I am hesitant to buy replacement parts and repair it right now, as I still have hopes that I'd find a suitable model.

So, what does a player need to be for me?
- Not overly expensive, not overly cheap. For some reason, I only ever see "special audiophile devices that cost like a plane wing" or "hyper-cheap, low-quality devices". I have been using the latter for seven years now, so I want to upgrade.
- Have an SD card slot or really big memory, because podcasts take up a lot of space.
- Be repairable. Previous one can be opened easily by a knife or (if you want to be gentle) a plastic pick. I cannot tolerate adhesive being there, I haven't learned how to deal with glue in repairs and don't have a heat pad.
- Be small and lightweight, at least relatively. I don't see any point in huge heavyweight devices like Ipod Touch, that would be uncomfortable to carry around on your belt or in your pocket.
- And, finally, have Bluetooth. It's not a requirement, as apparently there are adapters for this. But I recently bought wireless headphones and it's a gamechanger for me, especially when exercising or riding my bike.

At this point I am even considering assembling one myself, but I suck at programming. If something changes, I'll edit the post.