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I almost got the Prime Cuts achievement... 8 out of 9 done... Twice in a row! One guy even agreed to help me in my misery and went to us to get headshot, but my teammates were trolls)
I am not giving up.


TIL that Engineer is actually apparently taller than me, even if we don't count the boots. Never felt bad about my height but here we are.


Okay, what's the deal with women's cotton tights? Why are they so much less widely available than the thin capron ones? They're so much warmer and more durable! Kids' tights? All thick cotton! Grown women's? All delicate capron that I don't even know how to wear properly, seriously, how people wear this, it rips from looking at it weird. And how are women supposed to wea these during cold seasons?
I know I can still find the right ones, I just find it baffling that they are so much less popular.


Can't believe this happened. In just half a year, I went from "IT is not for me, I will not touch it with a ten-foot pole" to "well I like learning how to use some programs, but I will never learn to code" to "I am learning C++ to inspect the code of a project I am obsessed over" to "I will transfer to the IT bachelor's program in university as soon as I can". Don't yet know if there would be any success, but there's evidence that the previous mental blocks were made-up, so... Sure hope for the best. At least this is something I actually hyperfixate on.


Watching SuperKitties now and... Is at Buddy's power coming from his suit? That might imply that this is the case with the girls as well ("Bitsy Boots blast-off", so it doesn't seem unlikely). That makes Sparks even more OP: not only is he a fighter as capable as his friends, not only is he always inventing antidotes to whatever magic the villains used (and in almost no time, too!), but he is also the very reason the others have powers at all?! Sure, his friends play the role of muscle, but at this point it seems like he is totally capable of solo carrying.


It has been around a year since I switched to Linux. Cannot believe I only did it so late, but better late than never. Now I cannot believe I could have lived any other way.

Also seems like I have hit the edgelord phase. Missed it in my teenage years, so I don't mind)