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Things I want to write about


I am finally at the point when my website is finally up, just as I dreamt... And now what? I'll try to make at least a rough plan on what might be.

- Why I dislike particular platforms, such as Discord, Telegram and (ew) Tiktok, and where I'd move from them. Although it would probably be the same as dozens of other similar posts, I still want to say this.
- List of my favorite Bluey episodes (this show would inevitably get praised here sooner or later).
- Weapon rebalance ideas I'd love to see, even though I know full well that TF2 won't ever get balance changes again. Just a dream, okay?
- Maybe, if I ever figure this out - a history of a particular bizarre structure on one of my city's roofs that has been puzzling me for years. My only hope seems to be interviewing people living in that building, and that might be troublesome. Also I really hope that maybe there's a way to enter that place and take photos.
- The multiple Russian shows that are completely unknown in the West but are bizarre and/or bad enough to write about.
- It probably would not work out, but just in case: my experience with trying to beat my podcast/music addiction.