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Pupstruction lol


So, this new Disney Junior show came out and I am still forming an opinion. I will be adding things to this post as I am watching. Yea, I will mostly be writing about shows like these, because when it comes to actually quality things, I get far more pleasure just enjoying them on my own. Also there is Kiya and Kimoja Heroes, but my impressions of it are really blank by now. And Superkitties will get their own post in the future. I have a theory on Superkitties that is pretty basic but seems cohesive. Pupstruction does not seem very inviting towards theories, which is kinda sad, but in no way means the show is not entertaining.

The first thing you notice is... Are the Pupstruction members kids? They sure sound the part. I honestly prefer to handwave it by the fact that fully grown dogs can still behave puppylike. And Phinny is there because his mom is the boss. Oh... Yeah. There's also glaring nepotism. So sad. So relatable. At least the rest of the crew likes him.

Then the ferris wheel as a bridge... Boy, and I really thought you could not come up with a transportation idea dumber than Teslas in a tunnel. Okay, so it does its job of delivering kids to school. But how long would that side only have a school? Imagine a neighborhood being developed there with the residents being stuck in multi-hour traffic jams every day, thinking "Well at least the CEO's son is happy".

I am beginning to see a pattern here. A lot of the company's projects so far raise a question "How something with THESE safety practices is still allowed to exist?" So far we got:

- A ferris wheel instead of a bridge that doesn't appear to be properly transported and secured (not to mention that even if done right, it'd still be a nightmare to maintain).
- A rollercoaster even though they are NOT a dedicated manufacturer. Not even a backyard railway. Full-size rollercoaster.
- A tower that either didn't have a foundation to begin with or was ripped out of it and then left as is.
- Luna being outright dangerously destructive in "Luna digs deep" and while her having such a flaw was the whole point, there is still a limit of what the company should get away with. Also the same episode they build a railroad tunnel WHILE BEING IN A RUSH, I bet it was not certified in any way and not safe even for single use. I at least hope that the boulder was destroyed afterwards and that the tunnel hasn't become permanent, but... The mayor at least doesn't seem very sane, it might very well be the case for other officials.

Yea, it looks like being demolished by lawsuits is not a matter of "if", but "when". Pupstruction is an embodiment of the "boring work and safety inspections are for losers; we are young, hip and innovative" approach.

Bobby's company is one huge plot hole, as it is unclear how they have not gone bankrupt. I prefer to think that his situation mirrors Phinny's: he occupies such a position due to a wealthy and influential parent that can afford to bend to any of their child's wishes. The show portrays them as worse then Pupstruction, but... I honestly think they're a lesser evil here. At least their builds are visibly unsafe and won't fool the clients into accepting.

Fuck them both, I hope the series finale shows them sued to oblivion and replaced by actual professionals.