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Puppy Dog Pals - Transportation theory


One of the most common nitpicks about Puppy Dog Pals that I've seen is "how the hell can Bingo and Rolly go to the other side of the globe and be back before dinner". To this moment, I decided not to care at all and suspend my disbelief. It really is just monkeys singing songs, mate. But recently I rewatched "Father's Day Countdown" and... Maybe it isn't?

This episode is remarkable in two ways. First - this is the only time we see Cagey participate in a mission (though it seems completely plausible that he goes on his own adventures with Keia. I would prefer an episode about these two instead of another adventure of the S4 and S5 cast expansions). And second - it casually canonized an important worldbuilding detail.


And it was not even in a Disney Acid Sequence, which are brushed off as unreal. This is never mentioned again yet it changes everything.

So, my current theory goes like this:

Teleportation is widely used for very long-distance travel, but is impractical to waste on shorter journeys. The process normally has to be done far away from the ground - thus, planes exist. Same goes for rockets: their goal is not to make a full journey, but to lift off far enough from the planet's surface. I still refuse to accept the space episodes as fully real, but this guess would nonetheless make them a tiny but more plausible: in these circumstances, space travel would be a bit more casual than IRL.

Cagey's device is unusual and experimental, as it can work while on the ground. I suppose it didn't end up working out in the long run. However, Bingo, Rolly and others are equipped with mainstream versions. I suppose they might not even notice how they activate the teleport, at least until "Father's day Countdown": Cagey activated his seemingly by a thought.

Okay, I don't really see contradictions so far. Maybe it's stupid, but fittingly stupid for the show itself. I like the show more now as it started to make a bit more sense.