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Ozerki vibes


Ozerki is this weird neighborhood that is pretty much a village inside the big city. How that happened is a pretty interesting story, but I won't be telling it here, maybe this could be a post topic someday later.

Not quite Ozerki, but very close - the gate of Flea Market next to Udelny park.
The symbol is kind of weird, so I don't know if it's just random person's art or some activist group.
Be smarter - always pay in cash

Just some scribbles. Same symbol as we saw before. I don't know if there is any subtext.
In the Space Hotel people are going insane
Death is not the end
The end is a **ck
I just hope we don't get old like this
*pun on "impostor" and "see"*

A 1914 mansion. Not a frequent sight there in the outskirts. Neat.

Completed in 2007, capitalism romanticism my beloved)

Citywalls shows that this "castle" has very capromantic interiors - as era-specific as its exterior. I love this shit, it might sometimes be not-so-great from pure aesthetic perspective, but I prefer not to notice that because I am blinded by what caprom represents. I am definitely going to write a post about why I adore caprom so much.