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One curious thing Instagram does


Recently I noticed one annoying thing that made me dislike Instagram even more.

So, I wanted to go on one museum's page to see the upcoming event announcements. Teporarily turn Noscript off because of course this thing has to be filled with bloat and trackers. I type in the address, and... Greeted with this.

Generic response. No explanation. Okay, I must have made a mistake in the address then... To see what's going on, I'll type in Faber's username that I for sure know is legit: fabframes. And... The result is completely identical.

Now I have to make a confession: I do actually have some social media profiles I never bothered to remove. Out of curiosity, I log in, and guess what - the page is suddenly right there, on the same address, fully visible. At no point did Instagram tell "Oh you need to log in to view this". This is an asshole practice (and we should not expect anything else from a Facebook-owned company), but at least this is not misleading.

To this time, I am unsure if it's malice or just incompetence. Equal chance of both.

A little edit: my Instagram was since deleted.