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Hello, I am Corvid.

If this website is cringe - so be it. I do not mind.

So, I am Corvid, a really bad former physics student that obsesses over privacy, IRC socialization and Team Fortress 2 (and is also bad in each of them). Medic/Sniper main (not the annoying one with the gun! The one with the bow!)

I love:
- Dogs, especially huskies, samoyeds and golden retrievers;
- Cats, especially my Vasilisa and also ragdolls and maine coons;
- IRC, Jabber, personal websites and other things that can be hosted on your own and used without identification;
- Animation (and in particular age-inappropriate cartoons because they're more fun to analyze and theorize about). Unironically - Bluey and Smeshariki (most frequent nowadays), semi-ironically - Disney Junior.

I hate:
- Social media (though sadly still required to be on Telegram);
- Anything that wants a phone number to use (hi Telegram);
- DRM;
- Subscription models;
- Bloated websites full of Javascript;
- Web places that are mobile-only (because I heavily dislike smartphones), especially if they are being mobile-only has no reason;
And special mentions go to...
- TIKTOK and the copycats it spawned (I am shocked at how strong Tiktok's impact is on so many things);
- Discord (I am very sad at how many communities it absorbed, but I really hope that some of the people there can discover IRC for themselves).

Monero, in case someone pities me enough: 89cTkAvsPSJP6fyiFb897Cfehf4LzCwbGM1ptXVZTnvjit1jgHTQpV9bEE1dMCvPjBWnvPwibg5f7JZLyFBWirqj3YxpAB5 - my XMPP address. I would like any feedback, learning opportunity or just a chat. Just use OMEMO out of politeness, please) - my email, and my PGP key.